Vision, Mission & Values

Our Values – TRANSFORM

Truthful: Truth and transparency is at the heart of the business, no false promises, no unrealistic guarantees, pure and truthful commitment to making a difference, always operating with honesty, integrity and accurate information.

Resourceful: When faced with an objective for clients, POD will use innovation and resourcefulness to achieve the best outcomes for the client.

Authentic: Our ethos is authenticity and originality, versatile to adapt to changing markets and new challenges whilst maintaining uniqueness, the POD way of dealing with people.

Natural: We like to think we have a natural ability to develop talent, facilitating something natural, development that is real. It’s the only way to guarantee the development will last.

Satisfaction: Client satisfaction – the roots that we grow from, we know that when our clients grow, we grow. We listen to the needs of our clients and apply humility to every transaction, treating every client as a ‘forever’ client.

Freedom: At POD we believe that people are in charge of their choices and therefore their results, we empower clients to be free from limiting beliefs and expand possibilities.

Openness: Although we aspire to achieve great things for all of our clients, sometimes, we may not have the right solutions for everyone. If we’re not right for you we will be open about it and tell you.

Return on Investment: This is not only a business term we use, at POD this is part of our values system, all solutions are offered and delivered with care with the deepest commitment to provide high return on your investment.

Master: We believe that training should not only be an introduction to a subject, training should be designed to make people a Master in the subject and empower learners to be a Master of their own development.

Our Mission Statement

POD was founded with a courageous spirit and meaningful objective: To be recognised as a worldwide thought leader, helping companies develop high performing teams and break through all limits to unleash the potential of their employees, transforming people, transforming results.

Our Vision

‘To be a trusted business partner, making a significant difference to both people and profits, therefore winning our clients for life’

Your progress is our promise