Are you an exceptional leader of Sussex?

Are you an exceptional leader of Sussex?

If you are, congratulations!

If you’re still on the journey, that’s also great! The fact that you’re striving for excellence means you’re already doing a brilliant job!

At POD HR and Training, we’re passionate about creating inspirational leaders and teaching the importance of being inspiring in your leadership role.

We provide training and coaching across the business landscape, but one of our specialties is leadership. We like to empower leaders to maximise people performance and elevate results across the business.

After more than 14 years’ of experience managing people, I’ve seen all of the potential ups and downs. I’ve experienced challenges and come through the other side victorious.

My personal development journey involved leadership, HR, training, sales and recruitment to becoming CIPD Qualified, I then decided that as ‘people’ are one of the most important ingredients to effective business management I knew that needed to be my next focus. I invested in myself further to master NLP, which helped me to understand how to connect with people, engage them more deeply, and provide them with ongoing development that changes behaviours and emotional states.

Once you can unlock the real potential of your people, your business can fly.

I’ve seen the benefits of this first hand and answer questions on this subject every day. We’ve got some incredible talent in Sussex, along with some impressive leadership!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to create a LinkedIn group for Exceptional Leaders of Sussex to share ideas and challenges on an exclusive platform for like-minded, valuable individuals that can offer unbiased suggestions.

It can be pretty lonely at the top when you’re the one everyone turns to. Who do you turn to?

It’s not always easy to get out to networking events and even when you do, sometimes there’s not enough time to get to the heart of what you would really like to discuss.

As a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, I’m always seeking opportunities to help take leadership forward. It’s such a critical part that we play in the future of Sussex business.

That’s why we wanted to make the Exceptional Leaders of Sussex Linkedin Group. It’s always good to get fresh ideas and to lead by example in how we continuously develop ourselves.

My vision for the Exceptional Leaders of Sussex Group

My vision for this group is that there’s no marketing or sales in it at all. You won’t see any pitches from our business.

I want it to be a central place for us to pool our expertise and explore hot topics affecting the leadership of today.

If you have a challenge within your business and you’re weighing up your options, I want the group to be a neutral place that you can put your ideas in front of other leaders and see what their best advice would be.

If you’re facing a new type of challenge, you can see if anyone else in the group has experiences that could help you avoid any potential pitfalls or costly mistakes. There will be useful, actionable content on all aspects of leadership that can help you take free suggestions back to your business to drive profit forward.

My vision is that getting into the group means that you have exceptional knowledge or achievements within your leadership career that you can share with others so that we all become better versions of ourselves and boost Sussex businesses above the rest of the UK.

This group will be managed on an invite-only basis to ensure that the group remains in the hands of only the very best of Sussex leaders and true to it’s purpose.

How to get into the Exceptional Leaders of Sussex Group

If you’d like to share your opinions on hot topics and get innovative ideas to help you take yourself and your business forward, then this is a great opportunity!

Do you think you’re an exceptional leader? Do you have excellent knowledge or great achievements in your leadership role? Send me an email with your request and why you believe you should be part of the group at natalie@podhr.co.uk, or use the form below.

Be sure to include what areas of knowledge you feel have reached an exceptional level or if you have some outstanding achievements that you feel others could learn from.

I look forward to hearing from you and providing you with an opportunity to profile your leadership abilities and hopefully expand on them!

I’ll see you in the group!

Fill out the form below to apply to be in the Exceptional Leaders of Sussex Group now!

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