Got a problem you think you can’t solve? Use these NLP Techniques to fix any mental barrier to success.

Got a problem you think you can’t solve? Use these NLP Techniques to fix any mental barrier to success.

Problems have a habit of getting on top of you. It can make you feel trapped in by your circumstances without a light at the end of the tunnel.

Not with NLP. NLP can give you the tools and techniques to conquer any problem and feel resourceful, powerful, and in complete control in any situation. When I started my NLP journey, I decided that my purpose would be to help others break through their perceived limitations and improve their business and personal results.

That’s one of the main reasons I started POD HR and Training. I wanted to work with Business Leaders and their employees to improve their mind-sets so that nothing will hold them back. Even now, that’s still our main priority when it comes to helping businesses – help the mind-sets of the employees and the incredible business results will follow.

More and more people are realising that you can have all the skills in the world, but if the mind-sets and beliefs aren’t aligned then those skills will do absolutely nothing to help!

Everyone needs the belief and confidence in themselves to apply skills in the right way and be capable in every situation, even when it’s out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, everyone also has some form of limiting belief stopping them from having full confidence in themselves if they dig deep enough.

This could be something small, or something glaringly obvious.

For example:

“I can’t meet the deadlines because I’m too overwhelmed”


“I can’t get a promotion because it’s too competitive”

Any perceived limitation, however big or small, has a root cause in the mind.

We help people in business overcome these limits in order to create optimum performance and build high performing teams. These problems can feel incredibly disempowering and I appreciate that not everyone has the budget to get us into their business and banish these limits right now, so I wanted to write an article to help you.

I’ll go over how viewing these problems from a different angle can give you greater insight and alter how you perceive the issues, as well as different techniques to help you manage your mind’s “limitations”.

Employee looking confident and happy after learning mind management techniques

How is it a problem?

First let’s take a look at the issue. How is it a problem?

I want you to think about this right now and fill in the blank.

“It’s a problem, because …….. “

Now think: What causes you to choose to think that?

How exactly does it mean that it has to be a problem?

Language holds together our reality. The questions you ask yourself and the statements you say to yourself is creating the world you live in.

When you say something is a problem, the mind will go with it. You need to be careful with the language you choose to fill yourself up with.

Consider if it’s empowering, or limiting. After all, you don’t WANT it to be a problem. Right?

So, reframe how you look at it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to just call it something else. It’s a situation. An opportunity. A chance to learn.

Once you start calling your “problems” something different, your emotional response to it will change. Language is a filter that determines your emotional state, so use it wisely.

How isn’t it a problem?

Learn to break your own habits by looking at every problem from a different angle.

How isn’t it a problem?

What does this situation enable you to deal with that you wouldn’t normally address?

What else exists other than the problem?

In the grand scheme of everything that’s out there in the universe, is it even a problem at all?

What can you learn from this situation which enables you to be more powerful moving forward?

Asking yourself these key questions will empower you to consider the situation in different ways. Everything in life has contrast: light/dark, night/day, sun/moon. You need to find that contrast.

When you look at how something isn’t a problem, you can start to see the opportunity in it. Whilst it doesn’t take the situation away, it alters how you feel about the issue on the inside. This will enable you to be more resourceful and in control.

Leaders looking confident and in control after learning NLP techniques to manage their mind

Overcome being paralysed by choice.

Sometimes you don’t feel powerless. Sometimes, you have an abundance of ideas of what you can do to solve a problem and it feels impossible to choose the right path.

When this happens, run each of your options through the following set of questions:

  1. What would happen if you did do that?
  2. What would happen if you didn’t?
  3. What wouldn’t happen if you did?
  4. What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t?

Asking these questions helps you explore your options fully and come up with the best way forward.

When your options feel like a huge mountain to climb, it’s overwhelming for the best of us. Having a structure to the way you consider problems helps you to break them down into easy steps.

This set of questions is a simple and effective structure to how you should consider challenges and options to overcome them.

Direct the movie of the problem in your mind

If your problem was a picture, what would it look like?

Your mind has a specific way of representing the world, through pictures, sounds, and feelings.

Think about the issue you’re having. What does it look like? Is it in colour? Black and white? Can you see yourself in the picture?

Now, take a moment to create a movie of how you want it to go as if you’re the Director. You’re the maker of your own life movie, so play out how you want it to go.

It may sound silly, but by doing this you’re giving your mind the blueprint of how you can overcome the problem. When it has this, it will feel much easier for you to get to the solution.

Employee looking happy and confident while talking to a customer after learning to manage their mind with NLP techniques

Choose to conquer the problem

You’re probably thinking: If I had a choice, I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

Of course you wouldn’t! No-one WANTS to have problems or limits to what they can do. However, this runs much deeper.

It can take people a while to get to grips with what I really mean by this because it’s so much easier said than done. At least in perception anyway.

When I went through my NLP journey, I realised that all I had to do was to decide and set myself an unbending intention to solve the problem one way or another and the results would happen. Nothing happens without decision and action.

So, make that choice right now. Decide that you are no longer prepared to live with this particular problem and that you will do whatever it takes to resolve it.

I worked with a client recently that wanted to change the emotional reaction that he’d carried with him from childhood. It was really limiting him in business, so he knew it was time to change.

He had such a strong intent to change, and had the determination to do whatever it took, he got the result from just 1 coaching session. In just 2 hours, he completely changed his life. Since the session, his life has been drastically different with a lot of his old triggers having no impact on him whatsoever.

So, the big question is this: How strong is your intent to change your situation?

We can all live in our problems if we wish. It’s seems comfortable and doesn’t require us to work to change it. But we’ll never be happy doing this, and emotionally it will take its toll far harder than changing it would.

Instead, empower yourself with a mind-set that means any unwanted situation is an opportunity to learn and grow, becoming a better version of ourselves.

Once you’ve made a decision to do this, you can stop living in the world of “I can’t” and start finding out HOW you can.

There’s a HOW in every situation, all you need to do is look for it and let go of every “I can’t, because…”

It’s all about choice.

What do you choose?


Solving these kinds of problems can be tough, especially if you’re trying to overcome them by yourself. If you’re facing a problem that feels particularly limiting and you want some support, feel free to send me an email at natalie@podhr.co.uk and I can give you some extra tips or techniques for free, or let you know how I can help you with our 121 coaching solutions.

Alternatively, download our free Mind Management eBook below for more techniques that will help you take control of any situation with ease.

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