Is stress impacting your team performance? Find out how to combat stress with these essential tips!

Is stress impacting your team performance? Find out how to combat stress with these essential tips!

Research shows that stress is one of the most common barriers to employee performance. In many cases, organisations are building up unnecessary recruitment costs because staff are being labelled as underperformers, when in fact their potential is being blocked by the impacts of stress.

At POD HR & Training, we are performance improvement specialists. We work with businesses to get the ultimate performance levels from their team through transformational coaching and NLP.

Just recently, one of my clients was nearly at the point of losing a staff member, having to pay for recruitment and training all over again. So, they called me in. I had a session with the staff member and uncovered the real roots of the problem: they were overwhelmed with stress from both work and their home life.

This enabled change to take place and the individual totally transformed their behaviour.

When I went to visit them last week, several people approached me to say how different that individual is, and the difference he’s now making to the company.

It’s always rewarding to get people back on track and overcome the barriers to their performance.

We know how important it is to manage stress and the benefits that getting it right can bring. I wanted to write this article to help business leaders become stress busters with a view of increasing performance and productivity.

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Expression is a release

When you’re busy wearing many leadership hats, it can be frustrating to have to find time to deal with emotions.

That said, burying the issue is quite possibly the worst thing you can do! It can build and spiral out of control.

Companies that have an open culture where it’s safe to express themselves truthfully and without judgement enjoy a much higher employee engagement and retention.

Many companies say they have an open and honest culture, when in fact people are penalised when they express any opinions that are contrary to the management’s opinions.

I’m not saying it’s easy to build an open culture, it requires courageous and humble leadership.

If you can let go of your perceptions and truly listen to people, there can be a lot to learn that will make your business break beyond performance boundaries.

When you create a safe space for truthful expression, you’re creating the opportunity for people to release emotions and let go. The more they can be authentic and express themselves truthfully, the better their emotional well-being. From there, their performance can improve.

If you want to reduce the impacts of stress and start getting the best out of people, have a close look at what opportunities there are for your employees to communicate their opinions.

Learn language patterns that get people outside the problem

As a Master Practitioner of NLP, I can say from experience that your language as a leader can have significant impact on emotional behaviours in your business.

There are incredible language techniques you can learn from NLP. That’s why we build NLP into all of our leadership training. It helps leaders develop mindsets as well as skills in their team.

A common cause of stress is the feeling of being trapped. When you take someone outside the issue they’re trapped in, they can breathe again and view it from a different angle.

Here are some language patterns that take someone outside of the problem:

  • When wasn’t it a problem?
  • How isn’t it a problem?
  • How have you moved on from that problem now?
  • How is it not a problem now?

Another key phrase to learn is:

  • What is there to learn from this, the learning which will allow you to let go?

There’s another language tool within NLP which drills down into the problem itself to find the root. This is called the Meta Model.

An example of this would be:

  • How is it a problem?
  • What causes you to choose to think that?
  • How specifically?
  • Compared to what?

The idea of the Meta model is to uncover the cause and effect.

For example:

“Because I don’t have enough experience, it means that I can’t get the respect I want.”

The ‘because’ makes this a cause and effect, which means that it’s a limiting belief.

Often, our ‘becauses’ are causing us stress when they’re not really true. The Meta Model helps you uncover the truth of the issue.

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NLP Anchoring

Anchoring is a powerful NLP technique which helps people get into their most resourceful states of mind.

Anchors can be set up quickly and easily when you know how. However, it’s a specialist skill and it’s one we almost always train on our leadership and sales training. It’s such an incredible driver for ultimate performance!

The concept of anchoring is that you use language to elicit the most powerful emotional states in people and anchor it into their system, either physically or conversationally.

Once you stack people’s resourceful states, they can access them and collapse negative triggers that bring out the unwanted emotions.

I helped a business leader recently with managing frustration. We set up an anchor for him and a few days later he had noticed about 40 triggers that would have previously angered him, making him smile instead. He felt empowered to have broken his old pattern!

If you’d like to find out more about anchoring you can read our article here.

Consider an NLP Coach

Many companies have called us in for NLP Coaching and seen dramatic improvements in their team behaviours and performance.

We’re not necessarily right for everyone so I’m not suggesting you consider an NLP as a sales approach! We often turn down business because we only work with clients when we know we’re the best solution for them.

There are many effective NLP Coaching solutions out there that could come into your business and help your team. The transformation can be huge.

An NLP Coach can work with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, anger, nerves, unwanted habits..the list really goes on and on!

You probably don’t need me to tell you that by clearing up these issues, your employees can be far more focused on the task in hand!

NLP Coaching can cost more per session, but in most cases the challenges can be resolved in just 1 session, maybe 2. Overall, this tends to be more affordable than other solutions.

To find out more about NLP Coaching, you can view our article here.

Team working together happily without stress

I hope you’ve found this article useful! Thanks for reading. The fact that you’ve read it means you’re already better equipped to tackle stress in your team.

I’m always happy to advise on this, so please feel free to email me on natalie@podhr.co.uk to find out more on how NLP can help solve your current people challenges. Alternatively, have a look through our learning centre to see more free advice!

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