The cost of Leadership Development Training in Brighton

The cost of Leadership Development Training in Brighton

There are tonnes of options out there for companies looking for Leadership Development in Brighton.

Given the amount of choice, it’s no surprise that people come to us overwhelmed and exhausted, completely unaware of what they’ll actually be paying for, and what they really don’t need.

I’ve been training Leaders for years now, so I’ve built up a lot of knowledge around the subject. Not only am I very effective at improving Leadership skills, but also their mindsets to allow those skills to be put into practice to the best of their ability.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I just wanted to make it clear that my approach is slightly different to what a lot of Leadership Development Training in Brighton will do. Because we work with mindsets, the work we do is transformational for the leaders we work with and in turn, their teams. I have mentioned this now so that when I start talking price, you’ll understand why mine may be higher (depending on how you look at it and what you’re comparing it to). Our development comes with a 100% guarantee for results.

If you’re conscious of budget, particularly as a small business, you can actually save money by going for a more bespoke approach, rather than a cookie-cutter course. A lot of training providers will let you pick and choose what they provide and although their flat rate might be higher than something that’s overall more basic, you can cut costs by not training in unnecessary areas.

Before I get into that, I really want to explain the range of Leadership Development Training options out there for you and when you should go for which, saving you money on unnecessary training.

A small group of employees being trained in Leadership Development skills

Types of Leadership Development Training

Cookie-Cutter Courses

‘Cookie-Cutter’ training tends to be cheaper than more bespoke training courses as they’re straight out of the box. There’s no real consultation stage and nothing is adapted to your business. Your team turn up, they get the training, and they leave. Sometimes the company will come to you, but usually this is done off-site.

For the majority of courses, there’s no follow up afterwards to track improvements and to make sure your team are implementing the skills effectively. This is the main disadvantage.

The advantage of a pre-designed course, is the initial financial saving. That said, when you really get down to it and calculate the ROI afterwards, it can sometimes be a financial loss if the course is not correctly matched to your business needs.

However, when you’re just starting out as a small business with very little budget for training, or you’ve got a brand new team member who doesn’t have the basic understanding of the role, it can be the choice that makes the most sense.

Bespoke Training

Generally speaking, this will consist of a consultation stage where the company will establish your leadership goals, your challenges, and what you want out of the training. If your chosen training company doesn’t include a consultation stage and it’s just a cookie cutter course then you’re never going to get the ROI that you would with a bespoke course. Sure, it’ll be cheaper upfront, but at what cost to your results?

A bespoke approach is almost always more expensive up front, but if you want to see real improvement in your results it’s absolutely the best choice (and I’m not just saying that!). A great company will guarantee a certain level of ROI.

For example, we offer a guarantee of improved results or else we’ll come back and keep training for free until those goals are met. I appreciate that a lot of companies can’t commit to that level of guarantee, but there should be some kind of promise that you’ll see some return if they’re reputable.

The consultation stage is where you’re going to be able to determine where you can get the best ROI from the training, as you can let the company know exactly what problems need a resolution.

Use this time well! There’s no question too stupid, or issue too small. You’re investing your hard earned money – you need to make sure you get everything out of it that you can.

After this consultation stage, you’ll move on to the design stage. Here, your chosen company will create the program and you should get final approval of the content. Make sure you do, or else they may add in unnecessary training that you shouldn’t have to pay for, (for example, training them in something you’ve already trained them in previously, or something that isn’t directly relevant to their role that’s just nice for them to know. This is especially important if you’re on a tight budget).

After you’ve confirmed everything is great, they’ll start the training!

One of the things we’d recommend is to make sure they have a follow-up program in place. Not everyone does, but it’s vital to making sure you get the best ROI.

One of the top reasons any Leadership Development Training fails is because there’s no follow-up. You want the training providers to come back a week, month, 6 months later (which can be up to you and your budget). This is so they can look at your team and see their progress and whether they’re effectively implementing the training.

People can only absorb so much information at once, so if you’ve got an intense day of training, they’re not going to be able to implement everything instantly. By creating a follow-up program, you know everything they’ve been taught will be absorbed and implemented, resulting in a much more effective ROI rather than them just forgetting everything and falling back into old habits!

I believe in this so much that I always include follow-up programs in all of my courses, not just the Leadership Development ones.

Trainer standing in front of a group of employees being trained in leadership skills

Group Leadership Training

This is a great option for a business that are hiring or promoting multiple leaders at once, or want to improve their existing team of leaders.

I can’t speak for other companies, but all of our group training programs come with 121 coaching sessions with each of the individuals being trained anyway, so you won’t miss out on any “personalised” touches by choosing a group program with us. This is so we can work with the individual’s mindset and make sure they’re ready to absorb any skills training we give them and implement them effectively.

This means that everyone within the group will be taught the skills necessary for the role in a group setting, then coached on an individual basis to make sure it’s all actually absorbed at the deepest level to be implemented effectively.

If you go for group training, I would recommend looking for a company who takes this approach as it guarantees that every Leader will improve from the training.

1-2-1 Leadership Development

This is best for when you only have 1-3 Leaders to develop, as it can be slightly more expensive per head. I would recommend that for any more than 3 and you should go for a group program.

1-2-1 development is highly effective, as the training can be completely designed around that person’s learning style and goals. When you invest in this sort of training, you’ll almost definitely be getting a great ROI so long as you go with a reputable trainer.

Our 1-2-1 training will always include aspects of skills training and mindset coaching to make sure all lessons are absorbed and can be implemented right away.

Employee being trained on a 1-2-1 basis

Price of Leadership Development Programs

You may have noticed that a lot of companies won’t put their prices on their website. We’re also guilty of this to an extent, although we try and include guide prices where possible.

Brighton is a popular place for business to set up, as London is too expensive for most and it’s still a big city (although Brighton is slowly creeping up in price thanks to this!).

With that in mind, prices can be higher than other areas. However, it also means that the quality is certainly at the high-end and there are still bargains to be had!

I can’t speak for other companies prices, as like I said, many don’t advertise these! However, we believe in being open and honest with our potential customers, so a lot of these prices will be based on what we offer.

Perhaps you can notice that although we’re probably at the premium end of the cost-scale, we go above and beyond what most training companies offer (with our mindset coaching and our guarantee), so our ROI will always be higher.

Here’s rough price guide you can expect to pay in Brighton for different types of Leadership Development Training.

Price per person for bespoke training: Starting at £150-£300+VAT for basic work and up to £2,000+VAT depending on what they need help with.

1 Day Training Workshop: £500-£1,000+VAT

2 Day Mindset (NLP) Training for Leaders: £2,000-£5,000+VAT

3 Day Introduction to Leadership for New Managers: £3,000-£8,000+VAT

5 Day Leadership Masterclass Training: £4,000-£12,499+VAT

The more people you want to train the higher the cost. So, if you want the high level of training but don’t have the budget to train all of your Leaders at once, you may want to stagger the training so you only invest in 1 a month giving you time to spread your budget further.

I might think it sounds insincere when I say don’t look at cheaper options than these, as our prices are within those ranges, so it may sound like I’m being salesy with it. However, I urge you to look for reviews from legitimate past customers and even ask for references from the company before purchasing.

The much cheaper companies are unlikely to have these and when it comes to training your people, you do get what you pay for.

I hope this article has been helpful and informative for you and it’s giving you an idea of what you can expect to pay when you invest in your Leaders development.

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