What are the leadership development opportunities in Brighton?

What are the leadership development opportunities in Brighton?

Brighton is a bustling, diverse, vibrant city. It’s home to many successful, growing businesses.

If you’re looking for leadership development in Brighton, you’re looking in the right place. There’s a huge array of options when it comes to leadership development and it’s something we deeply value and believe in.

At POD HR & Training, we help leaders in Brighton and across Sussex to improve themselves and we answer questions on this topic on a daily basis. I personally have lived in Brighton for nearly 30 years and as a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management I’ve enjoyed plenty of leadership development of my own before I embarked on the journey of delivering training and coaching myself. This means I’ve got a great understanding of the options available to others in Brighton!

Although we get incredible feedback from the leaders we train and develop ourselves, we’re not the right option for everyone. It’s essential that you find the right leadership development solution for your business.

With this in mind, we wanted to help business leaders to evaluate the opportunities available and find the best route to success.

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What are the leadership coaching opportunities in Brighton?

You may already know that when you Google leadership coaching in Brighton, a HUGE list of options appear. Several of these may not be specifically linked to the kind of leadership development you want.

Many of them have a lean towards leadership training rather than coaching which are two very different things. Before you start looking into the options available, you need to weigh up what kind of leadership development you want and need.

As an example, if you’re new to leadership I’d recommend going for training first. Coaching is far more effective when you have a platform of knowledge to build upon (which is where the training comes in). We do have an eBook on an introduction to leadership for new leaders which you may find useful. 

You need to think about what you really want out of the development. Leadership is a really broad subject and so there’s loads of different categories to focus on.

Below is just a few of the main ones. Have a look through them and write down the ones that resonate with you and what you’d like to improve.

Leadership development categories table

Development in all of these categories is available across Brighton. Once you’ve got a general idea of the subjects you’d like to cover, you should then be thinking about your needs and what you specifically want out of it.

There are different kinds of coaching – skill based coaching and transformational mind-set coaching. That’s a good place to start.

Is it your skills that you want to improve? Or is it your belief in yourself? Your confidence, habits, patterns? Perhaps changing your reactions to certain situations and people will help you move forward with your leadership?

If you’re looking for more transformational coaching rather than skills, then NLP coaching is a great way to go and Brighton is the perfect city for it.

I actually assist in training people to become NLP Practitioners. I know several NLP coaching professionals in Brighton, including:

  • Terry Elston – MD of an NLP Learning Institute. He has bundles of blue chip experience and a market leading transformational specialist.a
  • Adam Sprackling – An NLP specialist and a Leadership Development Specialist working with corporate clients at Executive level.
  • Alison Pragnell – Fantastic NLP Practitioner. She’s commercially astute and experienced with marketing. If you want to improve your leadership, while also improving your understanding of how you can lead your marketing activities, Alison could be talihe perfect coach for you.
  • Kate Taylor – Master Practitioner and Creative Business Mentor. She’s passionate and committed.
  • Kate Emerson – Master Practitioner of NLP. Kate is engaging and passionate about helping companies.
  • Myself, of course! I don’t like to toot my own horn but: I’m a Master Practitioner of NLP with 12 years of leadership and management experience. I’m also HR qualified and a Talent Management Specialist. I can advise on the full employee life-cycle and get the most out of people in business.

There are plenty of other NLP coaching solutions in Brighton, which are advertised more as ‘life coaching’, but those will be more about your own personal mind-set than business-centric situations.

For this, there’s a couple of great companies worth checking out: Breakthrough Therapies and The Life Doctor.

I personally know another 30 or so local practitioners that don’t necessarily advertise it online. However, they’re fully qualified, accredited, and excellent at what they do. Feel free to send me over an email if you want to find out more: natalie@podhr.co.uk

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If you’re looking for more skills based coaching, here’s some options for you:

At no point have I been a client of these and so I can’t comment on suitability or quality of their training. However, I’ve heard good things and at first glance they appear to be offering something useful.

Martin Smith in particular is very open about the clients he’s worked with and has established credibility, which is always something I would recommend you look at.

As I said before, it’s about doing your own research and finding what’s right for you.

In terms of what we can offer you, I blend NLP with skills based coaching to help leaders improve the results they get through people. I like working with how they communicate and engage people. Most importantly, I help with tricky situations and the more complex performance management challenges, such as decisions on employee recruitment, who to keep, who to get rid of, and establishing how to get optimum performance and behaviours from each and every one of your employees.

That’s not for everyone.

Sometimes leaders want to improve their business planning skills and financial management. Business planning I can do, but financial management isn’t my specialist area. I’m always going to be honest about what I can and can’t offer you.

If you’re looking to improve your results through how you lead people then POD HR & Training might be the perfect option. It’s not for me to say!

Have a look through the rest of our website and you can get an idea of whether our business ethos merges with yours. I’ll happily answer any questions you may have if you email natalie@podhr.co.uk. I’ll either tell you what we can offer, or point you in the direction of a suitable, alternative business or practitioner that can do what you need.

I’ve mainly focused on the ones that make it clear that coaching is a primary focus in this section (coming on to training next). I’m sure there are an array of other opportunities out there that are specific to what you need.

The key here is to do your research and make sure they fit you.

What are the leadership training opportunities in Brighton?

Training is an important part of leadership development. As I mentioned before, it’s the starting block to employee improvement. Here is where they learn the skills and knowledge that you’ll nurture during coaching.

The list of possibilities in Brighton for training is literally endless. There’s always new companies popping up, so 6 months after I’ve written this I’m sure the list would be doubled. However, as of right now, here are the companies that spring to mind when I think of great training in Brighton:

There are quite a lot of companies that will show up on Google with a Brighton search, although a lot of them are not actually based in Brighton. Brighton is just such a popular city they know they want to target anyone working there!

We don’t have off the shelf training. We believe that every business is different and so every training session should be different. It’s so important that you look for companies that will do this for you, otherwise your investment is never going to get the best ROI.

With that in mind, our leadership training solutions have some great feedback and is 100% tailored to the client. There are pros and cons to bespoke training, so I’d advise you to read this article before you make any commitments.

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I hope this has been useful! Of course there is plenty of development you can get for free including; articles, videos, eBooks, or digital courses. We produce new eBooks on a regular basis (You can see them here!). They’re almost all free to download, the only ones which aren’t have extra, more actionable templates that you can re-use again and again and make branded to your company.

We also have a weekly email which gives actionable tips and tricks, as well as notifications on any new content we’ve put out. If you want to sign up to receive these (once a week, every Monday morning ready for the working week) then put in your name and email below and you’ll be added to the list.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your development journey. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at natalie@podhr.co.uk.

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