Common Signs of Workplace Conflict: Infographic

Common Signs of Workplace Conflict: Infographic

Workplace conflict is one of the biggest productivity killers in the modern workplace. In fact, it’s been found that a manager typically spends 25-40% of his or her time dealing with conflicts. That’s one or two days every week!

When people leave a company, research shows that 60-80% of all difficulties they’re trying to get away from are down to difficult relationships. This includes both other employees and/or their managers! That means that the majority of the time, it’s nothing to do with their lack of ability to do the role or their motivation to work. This is both good AND bad news!

The good news is, they have the great skills to do some incredible things for your business. The bad news: it’s your other employees preventing them from reaching their potential.

If you know what the conflict is, it could be relatively simple to fix. However, there may be a reason it’s missed your notice so far. Sometimes it can be difficult to notice that anything is wrong!

To help you notice any workplace conflict before it reaches this point, we’ve created an infographic with the most common signs that there’s conflict happening (or about to happen!).

Common signs of workplace conflict infographic:

Infographic showing the common signs of workplace conflict

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