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Improving your business results can feel pretty overwhelming when you don’t know exactly what’s holding you back. There are tonnes of resources out there to help you diagnose the problems and roadblocks that are preventing you from hitting your business goals.

I can tell you with absolute confidence, 99% of business problems can be solved by improving your people.

Improving your productivity and contribution per head should be your main focus if you’re looking to expand or improve your results. The first step to understanding this is knowing exactly what return you’re getting for the salaries that you’re paying out. If your return isn’t in the positive, or it’s a very small positive, then you know you need to start looking at performance improvement.

At POD HR and Training, we understand the concerns and frustrations when you have high salary cost lines and yet the increase in profits are not where you want them to be. With this in mind, our business consultancy service is designed to get you improved profits through your people in a much more hands-on way than our other services.

We can supply our Business Consultancy services across: Brighton, Worthing, Chichester, Haywards Heath, Hastings, Eastbourne, Crawley, and Gatwick. We can work with companies outside of these areas but they may come with a travel fee. Get in contact with us at contact@podhr.co.uk to find out more.

Why work with us?

  • We are people experts, with accreditations and memberships to prove it
  • Your profit and success is our number one aim
  • We take responsibility for everything we do and can offer a total solution to guarantee we achieve the desired result
  • We can solve any people challenge. There is no people problem too big.
  • We empower you to succeed in the long term. We will always give more than what you pay for.
  • When you place your trust in us, we guarantee your success and put our time and money behind our promises.

There are many routes we take to achieve improved profits for our clients and not every route would be right for you. Thats why this service is done on a consultative basis. We don’t believe any company is exactly like another and so a cookie-cutter solution will never work. Our first step will be to assess where you are currently and compare it to where you want to be.

We take care to understand the real challenges your business is facing and what is most important to you. This means we can tailor the solutions entirely to your business in order to guarantee their success in the desired timeframe.

We are bold enough to say that there is no people challenge that we cannot offer solutions for.

If you want to get more results, we WILL make that happen for you. All we need is an open and honest working partnership with you and a commitment to make a change.

We’ve created 3 packages for our business services, which you can see the details of below. In order to give you flexibility and choice, we also offer a lot of our solutions as single services which you can see beneath the packages.

For a guaranteed 25% increase in your businesses results, have a look at our Project Limitless package here.

Want to know more about our Consultancy service?

Download our Business Consultancy service guide to get a full overview of what we can provide for your Sussex based business, as well a short guide on what you can expect when working with us.


Pricing and Packages


Only Advice and Recommendation Included
£700 +VAT

This package is based on advice only and relies on you to take the recommendations back to your business to achieve changes.

We will establish the facts, discuss your goals and conduct a thorough health check of your business. We’ll go over how to get the best out of people and where improvements can be made.

From there, we’ll put everything together in a comprehensive guide of recommendations which are entirely bespoke to your business. This will contain advice for implementation and the predicted outcomes from these improvements.


Advice, Recommendation, and Support
£1,300 +VAT

This package is based on advice, recommendation, and extends a step further to 3 months of support post consultation session. This includes up to 5 hours of telephone contact or web meetings, and then a further 6 month review with further ongoing recommendations.

First, we will establish where you are now, and where you want to be. We’ll provide a comprehensive guide of recommendations in the form of a presentation. This will give you ample opportunity to ask questions.

We’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide for implementing your new plan. We’ll be there for you every step of the way for any challenges or questions that arise to help you get the most out of the process.

We’ll come back 6 months later and review your progress, giving you further steps to continue the improvement over the next 6 months.


Advice, Recommendation, Support, and Implementation

For those who want nothing less than the ultimate result, and want to guarantee their wins, this package is our all-encompassing solution. It involves consultancy and recommendations, but also full implementation. We’ll come into your business and work as an extension of you in order to guarantee the end result.

This means you get all of the benefits of the standard package, plus the delivery of the solution directly from us so you know your investment is protected with a guarantee of results. Until we consult with you, we don’t know what the improvements will entail. Therefore, this service has to be entirely tailored to the amount of work it will take to reach your business goals, which means the pricing is flexible.

For more information on our all-inclusive packages with guaranteed success, we recommend you have a look at our project limitless package.

Stand Alone Services

Performance Improvement Consultancy


Gain a minimum of 10 proven methods to achieve an increase in profit by improving the performance of your people that are specific designed around your business needs.

Talent Management Consulting


Gain a minimum of 10 proven methods to improve the talent already within your business.

Recruitment and Employer Branding Consultancy


Gain a minimum of 10 proven methods to attract the best talent within your field and reduce recruitment costs.

Strategic Development Consulting


Gain a minimum of 10 proven methods to include in your business plan to achieve financial growth year on year.

Would you like to find out more? Request a FREE consultation now!

Before we work together, we like to have a free consultation session. Not only is this so we can ascertain your needs and desired goals, but it’s also so we can get to know each other a bit better. The last thing we want is for you to hire us and then find out we can’t actually help you reach the goals you want to. We will never take on a client that we can’t help, so this gives us a chance to discuss your options and give you a clear idea about how we can help you. Alternatively, if you don’t know what you want but know where you want to get to, we can talk about how we can help you get there.

This call comes with absolutely zero obligation to buy from us and we will never charge you for it. You’re welcome to take our advice and implement it yourself, or find an alternative source for your development. However, we hope that our expertise will allow you to trust us with your business development and future business goals.